Pair of Malaya Garnets #IT-1468

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Loose Matched Pair of Natural Malaya Garnet Gemstones!

A Perfectly Matched Pair of Malaya Garnets ready to be set into Jewelry! Rich Cherry Red. I custom cut these matching pair of rounds into a design called "8 Swirls," to have loads of brilliance. They are much better in person than the picture shows. Both these gems have some "twinkles" Small inclusions (blemishes) that do not take away from their beauty.

These beautiful Malaya Garnet gems would look great in a unique necklace, bracelet or earrings or even a unique pair of cuff links, where they won't be so closely scrutinized for their clarity.  They will make very beautiful and unique jewelry for both men or women!

Bargained Priced. Custom faceted by Linda.

Treat Yourself! You deserve it!

Species/Variety: Garnet/Malaya
Country: Tanzania, Africa
Color: Rich Cherry Red
Carat Wt : 7.91ctw 3.95cts - 3.96cts
Shape/Cut : Rounds - "8 Swirls"
Size : 10 MM each
Clarity : Good
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review