Zultanite vs Ordinary Diaspore




Many of my customers ask me the question, “what is the difference between ordinary diaspore and Zultanite?”  That would be like comparing an exquisite Rolls Royce (Zultanite) with an economy car (common diaspore). Common diaspore deposits have been found in New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, UK and China. The only gem quality Zultanite material is mined in Turkey by Zultanite Gems, LLC.

Zultanite was first faceted in 1977 and the name Zultanite was unveiled in 2005. The name Zultanite is a brand name and this branded gemstone was introduced by Murat Akgun, a man with mining rights to the Zultanite deposit in Turkey. Zultanite is only mined from a remote mountain area in Anatolia, Turkey.  Zultanite is an extremely rare color change gemstone and  was previously plagued by scant availability.  Despite its rarity, allurement and suitability for jewelry Zultanite is an amazing, all natural, color changing, single source gemstone. Zultanite is far more unique and superior than the common diaspore.

The common diaspore is usually inferior, sometimes silky and usually very included.  The faceting is almost always done overseas

( sometimes with child labor)  and faceted very poorly.  I had one lady call me and explain that she found a $5.00 color change diaspore on E_b_y.  She thought she really got a deal.  After waiting for over a  month to arrive from Thailand, she received a piece of rock that you could hardly see through, full of inclusions (badly blemished) and had a terrible faceted cut and it was not even color change!  The ugly gem she received did not look like the picture that was in the auction.   Remember folks,  if it is too good to be true it usually is!

When you purchase a Zultanite from me, you are guaranteed the gem that is in that picture and in the description, in fact anything on my website.  What you see is exactly what you will get. The name Zultanite is your guarantee that each gem is outstanding in quality, clarity and color and is 100% natural, untreated color change Zultanite. Zultanite is one of the few gems that have no known enhancements or treatments.

Zultanite being a color change diaspore does have perfect cleavage in one direction, making it a great challenge to facet. Zultanite is only faceted by expert master faceters that are able to orient the Zultanite rough to maximize the  color change and sparkle.  Up to 97% of the rough is lost during cutting, Zultanite has a very low yield, 3%.   3% of the piece of rough ends up the finished product, a beautiful faceted Zultanite. This and the other great qualities of Zultanite has made it an ultra rare gemstone!  

Zultanite changes color from a kiwi green in daylight to a rich raspberry in candlelight and Zultanite’s color change is not limited to the two colors. The same gem can exhibit sage green, cognac pink, pinkish champagne, yellowish champagne, gingers, peachy greens and rich champagnes in different kinds of light source.

Zultanite Gems LLC uses environmentally safe mining to mine Zultanite.  They also use fair trade practices.  The company accomadates the mine workers with a resident cook that provides the mine workers with nutritious meals, three times a day. If the mine workers live off site, they are provided free transportation to and from the mine.  They can also live free on site in one of the housing camps provided by Zultanite. Mind you this is in addition to their bonuses and pay.   

Zultanite is only sold by authorized distributors that have been carefully hand selected by Zultanite, LLC. I was fortunate to be chosen to represent and sell Zultanite for ZultaniteGems, LLC.  I have proudly been selling Zultanite for 5 years now and cannot talk enough about this amazing gemstone.   Not just anybody can sell Zultanite. There are a lot of no good nicks that impersonate this gem and are selling common cheap ugly diaspore as being Zultanite.  Buyer beware. Purchase your Zultanite from a reputable person that will guarantee that you are getting a truly rare and phenomenal gemstone, an exotic Zultanite.

-Linda  McMurray, G.G., A.J.P.