Sunstone Tidbits


Sunstone is a 100% natural gemstone and was formed and crystallized from an ancient volcanic force. A very unique feldspar that nature created.  Some Sunstones feature a very unique phenomenon called schiller.  Schiller is tiny copper platelets that are inside the body of the Sunstone. This looks like tiny, shimmery copper metallic mirrors flashing and dancing inside the gem. 
Native Americans picked up the glittering Sunstones and used them in their Medicine Wheel.  They believed the shiny stones helped to connect them to the healing light of the Sun.
Sunstone was found in sacred burial sites.  The glittering stones were also used for trading and found as far north as central Alaska.
Sunstones come in shades of pink, champagne yellow, red, salmon, orange and green.  Green and red being the most rare colors.
Sunstone is a very durable gem and makes a beautiful ring, necklace or earrings.  Sunstone measures 6.5 to 7.2 on the MOHS scale for hardness.
There is an American Indian legend that tells of a great warrior that was wounded by an arrow in battle.  The Indian hid in the Ochoa Mountains.  The drops of blood from his wound fell to the ground and turned into pieces of Red Oregon Sunstone.  The gems absorbed the Indian warrior's spirit and gave the Sunstones immense sacred powers.

Lore and Mystical Powers:
Sunstone is said to kindle the leadership power within a person who wears it.  Sunstone also gives one strength, warmth, benevolence, openness, mental clarity and the willingness to give blessings to others.
Sunstone also is known as a gem of freedom, power and expanded consciousness.

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As with any gemstone you purchase, buy from a reputable person who will guarantee the authenticity of your gem and disclose to you any enhancement or treatments that have been done.

Linda McMurray, G.G., A.J.P