Ammolite Tidbits


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Ammolite, nature's kaleidoscope gem. The neon colored gemstone created from the ancient remnants of an organic naturalistic creature called Ammonite that lived millions of years ago. An article wrote for the Gemological Institute of America magazine, Gems & Gemology wrote that  the Ammolite gem could be exhausted in the next 15 to 20 years. 

Gem quality Ammolite is only found in one place in the world, Southern Alberta Canada.  Ammonites survived in a sea that had covered Alberta.  Here is where nature transformed the shell of the sea creature Ammonite into the very rare gemstone we call Ammolite.
Millions of years ago nautical sea creatures, Ammonites would outlive their lives and die in the mineral and petroleum rich soil found in Alberta.  The fossilized Ammonite shells then formed into beautiful, bright iridescent colors.  This composition of minerals, in this perfect location created this very rare gemstone, the Ammolite.  Each piece of Ammolite is unique in the colors, brilliance and patterns.  No two are quite alike. That is why it is so hard to find pairs of matching Ammolite gems for earrings, you can get close but never an exact match.
Ammolite has a vivid, iridescent phenomenon that is caused from the interference of light that rebounds off the stacked layers of microscopic platelets of aragonite which where replaced within the fossilized shell of the Ammonite.  Lines and patterns in Ammolite gems are natural, they add to the beauty and the desirability of Ammolite gemstones.  Ammolite gems are a very unique gemstone because of all these traits.
Ammolite was given official gemstone status in 1981 by the International Commission of Colored Gemstones (CIBJO)  Ammolite has increased 250% in value this past decade.  This gem is expected to double in price in the next five years.