March Birthstone-Aquamarine


Aquamarine's name means “sea water.” Sailors of old believed that Aquamarine came from the treasure chests of the legendary mermaids and it is said to bring luck to all who sailed the seas.

Carrying an Aquamarine is supposed to guarantee a happy marriage and to make its owner happy and rich. Aquamarine is related to Emerald, they belong to the same species, Beryl. Aquamarine is more durable than Emerald and usually aqua is almost always free of inclusions. It is 7 ½-8 on the Moh's scale for hardness and that makes it a very durable choice for rings.

This very popular gemstones color ranges from an intense deep blue to lighter shades of sky and a sea blue to a green blue. 

When Aquamarine has breathtaking brilliance and very intense color the value is much higher. The Santa Maria de Itabira Mine in Brazil is where it is found.  The Santa Maria Aquamarine, a truly rare deep blue Aqua.