Zultanite Tidbits


Mesmerizing, 100% natural Zultanite is one of the newest gemstones to hit the market.  This once collector’s stone is now featured in high end jewelry designs.  Zultanite has the ability to change colors from bright shades of green to scrumptious hues of raspberry and pink.  A champagne and ginger ale color will appear depending on the light source you are under at the time.  Even at a certain time of day you will witness subtle nuances of colors. 

Zultanite comes from one source in the world in the mountainous region of Anatolia, Turkey.   This mine is the only known source of this very rare, very unique, color change gemstone that is from the gem species, Diaspore.   Zultanite is also found with a phenomenon called chatoyancy.  Chatoyancy is a cat’s eye effect seen in the gem that is caused by the reflections of minute, parallel, needle like inclusions inside the cabbing rough.  These Zultanite’s are always made into cabochons.

Early in the 1980’s, gem quality crystals of Zultanite were first discovered.  These crystals were never mined commercially until Zultanite, LLC obtained the deposit.
Zultanite is a very romantic gemstone that is named in honor of 36 sultans who founded the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the late 13th century.

Zultanite like diamonds have perfect cleavage.  Cleavage is the splitting, cracking of a gemstone along its parallel crystal planes.  This is in relation to the gem rough’s crystal structure.  A very experienced faceter is aware of the cleavage that makes these gemstones very challenging to cut.  Zultanite crystal is one of the most difficult to facet adding to this gems rarity.  Also the faceter has to position the crystals angles to bring out the full color change potential inherent to the gem. 

Zultanite yields are less than 2% of the rough crystal, 98% of the rough crystal is lost in the cutting process.  This is just one of the reasons

Zultanite is so very precious and rare.  Extremely hard to find in larger sizes, Zultanite over 5 carats is very unique.

Zultanite registers 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS hardness scale.  Refractive index is 1.70 to 1.75.  Specific gravity of 3.39.  These gem characteristics make Zultanite an excellent gemstone for mounting in jewelry.
Zultanite is 100% Natural!  No treatments or enhancements of any kind! 

Zultanite is ethically mined with environmentally sound methods and fair wages for the miners.

This ultra-rare gemstone, Zultanite will only go up in price as it only comes from one place in the world.  This mine in the Anatolia Mountains in Turkey is the only place on earth where nature provided the exact mineral combination to form these amazing gem crystals.  My opinion is that Zultanite is a very good investment gemstone.  It will never go bad and you do not have any maintenance or storage fees to keep it.   When the mine gets depleted there will be no more…...

Sad to say there are many counterfeit gems that try to impersonate the real Zultanite out there.  These imposter gemstones are not Zultanite, they are like the scraps on the facter’s floor after cutting the good piece of crystal out.  Only Zultanite, LLC has access to these rare gemstones!

I will never sell a Zultanite with inclusions unless it is a rare time I get one from the mine with a tiny blemish and I will disclose it in the description of the gemstone. 

Elegant Zultanite is so rare that few have had the pleasure to behold its exotic beauty!

Genuine Zultanite is available at www.bestcutgems.com    Read more and watch the videos there about the amazing Zultanite!

As with any gemstone you purchase, buy from a reputable person who will guarantee the authenticity of your gem and disclose to you any enhancement or treatments that have been done.

Linda McMurray, G.G., A.J.P