Have you checked your Jewelry lately!

Posted by Ron McMurray on Oct 9th 2019

How often do you really look at the jewelry that you wear?  What I am talking about here is not just glancing at your jewelry but giving it a thorough inspection.  You need to regularly chec … read more

The Holiday season.

Posted by Ron McMurray on Sep 27th 2019

It's hard to believe but the month of September is almost over already.  It won't be long until the holiday season is in full swing.  Now would be a good time to start your Christmas shoppin … read more

September's Birthstone!

Posted by Ron McMurray on Sep 19th 2019

September is here and that means that this month's birthstone is Sapphire.  Many people only think of Sapphire gemstones as being the color blue.  While blue is pretty, Sapphires come in man … read more

Gemstone Inclusions! Good or Bad?

Posted by Ron McMurray on Sep 4th 2019

As I was faceting a beautiful Oregon Sunstone today I was totally amazed at it's beauty.  It made me start thinking about gemstone inclusions.  When most people think about a gem having … read more

New Pearl Jewelry!

Posted by Ron McMurray on Aug 30th 2019

Linda has add several new Pearl Jewelry items in the last few days.  They all feature Natural pearls.  Quite a few of them are the beautiful Natural Golden Pearls that Linda brought bac … read more