Mahenge Malaya Garnet

Posted by Ron McMurray on Apr 12th 2020

I completed faceting a gorgeous Mahege Malaya Garnet.  I has an amazing pink color.  It is a beautiful round brilliant cut and will kook great in your gemstone collection, a ring or a pendan … read more

Chrome Tourmaline

Posted by Ron McMurray on Mar 27th 2020

I have acquired a small parcel of Chrome Tourmaline and I am getting ready to start faceting the first one.  It currently looks like the first Chrome Tourmaline from the parcel will be cut into a … read more


Posted by Ron McMurray on Mar 18th 2020

I have just finished faceting a 6MM Classic Cushion cut Achroite gemstone.  Achroite is an extremely rare variety of colorless Tourmaline.  It is a very beautiful gem.  It will look gre … read more

Mint Green Tourmaline

Posted by Ron McMurray on Feb 12th 2020

I have finished faceting a beautiful Mint Green Tourmaline.  This Tourmaline gemstone is a classic cushion cut gem that measures 8mm x 8mm.  I have a short video of … read more

Finished faceting the Heliodor Gemstone!

Posted by Ron McMurray on Feb 5th 2020

I finished faceting the awesome Heliodor gemstone.  It turned out gorgeous.  It is an 8 mm round brilliant cut gem that will go great in a ring or a pendant.  You can view a short  … read more