Several new custom faceted gemstones are coming!

Posted by Ron McMurray on Jul 28th 2020

I have finished faceting several new gemstones.  Linda has been busy taking pictures and videos of them.  These new custom faceted gems will include Merilani Mint Green Garnets, Grape Purple … read more

Clearance sale!

Posted by Ron McMurray on May 27th 2020

Linda has marked all of the Mammoth Ivory Jewelry down for a clearance sale.  Once these existing inventory of Wooly Mammoth Ivory earrings, bracelets and necklaces are gone there … read more

New gemstones

Posted by Ron McMurray on May 20th 2020

Linda has added several of the new gemstones that I have recently faceted to the website.  These gems include Purple Garnets, Mahenge Malaya Garnets and Chrome Tourmaline gemstones.   A … read more

Purple Garnet

Posted by Ron McMurray on Apr 27th 2020

I just finished faceting an awesome ultra rare Purple Garnet.  Most people only think of garnets as being red because that is the most common color for garnet.  Garnets are available in a wi … read more

Happy Easter

Posted by Ron McMurray on Apr 12th 2020

Happy Easter everybody!!!  I pray that you are all healthy and safe.