About Us

Linda McMurray
We are proud to provide the finest of gemstones and jewelry to our customers.   A company with more than 19 years worth of experience to its name, Best Cut Gems offers its customers an extensive selection of  custom  made  jewelry. Whatever the occasion or whomever the recipient, there’s sure to be a style, cut, or stone that best suits your needs, and they’re all personally selected by Linda at Best Cut Gems.
In addition to catering to a great number of tastes and price ranges, we are also a purveyor of loose gemstones, which are an ideal option for anyone looking to stick to a budget without sacrificing quality. 
We have an extensive inventory of natures great, exciting, gemstones faceted from facet rough that Linda McMurray, our Graduate Gemologist (GIA), personally selects from gemstone mines around the world.  We buy only the finest color and quality grade facet rough to achieve only the best final product.....an expertly faceted gemstone of lasting beauty!   Each piece of facet rough is evaluated and we determine the best design to cut it into, to bring out the finest color gemstone, with amazing fire and brilliance, for you.
Although we do carry conventional gemstone cuts, we specialize in faceting gems in designs that are not seen in jewelry stores in the malls.  A custom faceted gemstone is truly a special gift for that certain someone in your life, or for you.
Committed to Excellence
A well-crafted piece of jewelry can be so much more than just an eye-catching accessory or carefully considered tokens of appreciation for that special someone. Depending on the craftsmanship and keen insight that goes into the creation of a piece of gemstone jewelry, it can also be a work of art. While Linda and Ron at Best Cut Gems are no strangers to the more traditional ways of cutting a loose gemstone, they also excel at creating custom made jewelry like gemstone earrings and necklaces. They work to bring out the brilliance and aesthetics of the physical stone itself making the finished product absolutely beautiful.
Great Quality, Great Price
Our company does not have a traditional store, so we have lower overhead, cutting out the middle man and passing the savings on to you!  Because Best Cut Gems is not structured like a more traditional jewelry store, the company is able to provide its customers with amazing, customized, and uniquely faceted gems without the need of a middleman. What this means for the customer is that the company’s overhead stays low, their prices stay competitive, and they are better able to pass the savings onto you, the customer. Whether you’re picking out a serious gift like a gemstone engagement ring or selecting a dazzling piece of gemstone jewelry for yourself, it’s hard to find higher quality products at lower prices than those found at Best Cut Gems.

Our custom cut gems are faceted into unique designs, a change from the commercial cut gems you find in jewelry stores; of course if you want the regular commercial available cuts, we can do that too!  Our gemstones are guaranteed natural, (if stated natural) and high end quality. We only facet natural and synthetic, lab grown gems.  Synthetic gems are clearly described as such.
The talents and skills on display from the staff at Best Cut Gems speak for themselves. Gemological Institute of America graduate, and Michigan native, Linda McMurray received her program’s Outstanding Distance Education Graduate Award in 2004, and was also declared the Outstanding Graduate of the Year. Her award-winning knowledge is apparent in the fine attention to detail that goes into every piece of gemstone  jewelry available at Best Cut Gems. Whether it be mass produced gemstone earrings or custom made jewelry, should you find that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase the company’s exceptional refund policy allows you to return any items within five days for a refund.
Confident, Secure Shipping
Securely Shop Online for Loose Gemstones, Engagement Rings, Gemstone Earrings, etc.
Each purchase from Best Cut Gems comes with a complementary gift as a thank you for doing business with us. You can shop with the utmost confidence knowing your purchase is secure and insured to the level of your total purchase. The company’s strong desire for customer satisfaction results in better protection on every item shipped whether it is as glamorous as an emerald necklace or just a simple loose gemstone. This same exacting attention towards the security of your purchase extends to your online shopping experience, as Best Cut Gems guarantees its customers absolute privacy. As a company that strives to provide each customer with the finest quality gemstone jewelry, Best Cut Gems is committed to keeping every customer satisfied.
If you have any questions, please, contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Email is the best way to contact us.
You are graciously being served by Linda and Ron McMurray.  All your contact will be directly with us and will ensure you of the best of service on a personal level.  We pride ourselves in giving outstanding customer service....
All of our custom faceted gems are faceted using an Ultra-Tec faceting machine.