About Synthetic Gemstones

What is the Difference between Synthetic,
Lab-Created & Man-Made Gemstones
& Natural Gemstones?

Synthetic Gemstones, otherwise known as Lab-Created and Man–Made gemstones have the same chemical, physical and optical composition as a natural gem. Synthetic Gemstones are created to perfection with the help of man, in a controlled laboratory environment. This ingenious process involves rare minerals, expensive laboratory equipment and extreme heat temperatures. Scientists have found a way to match natural colored gemstones to the exact species, color and brilliance of the natural, mined from the ground gemstone.

Synthetic Bixbite - Red Beryl

When expertly faceted, the result is a flawless or near flawless conception of a gemstone. (Synthetic Gemstones even have the same imperfections, inclusions that their natural counterpart have.) A perfect gemstone, a man-made wonder, impurity free, perfect in every aspect. Colors are generally more bright and vibrant.

Synthetic Alexandrite

Synthetic, Lab-Created, Man-Made Gemstones are more affordable than the natural gemstone and are available in bigger sizes and a variety of different shapes. Own a beautiful gemstone and if you don’t tell, only you will know the difference. ;-)  - Linda

Synthetic Emerald