The Witch's Stone


The Witch’s Stone

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  Perfect for a story to learn about the Witch’s Stone.  A little lore, some magical features and a dash of mythical healing powers are the ingredients in this ghostly caldron.

The Witch’s Stone is sometimes called the Hag Stone.  It is a stone of any mineral material that has been formed with a natural hole in it by water beating on it through the many years.  That is why you will only find them near bodies of water.  A true Witch’s Stone has to have a hole running through the body of the stone.

This is where it gets spooky.  Long ago people would hang Witch Stones on their homes, their doors and windows.  They hoped that this would ward off evil spirits and creatures.  Some towns’ folk even tied the stones on their bed posts to keep witches away.  They nailed the stones on their barns to protect their animals.  They even tied them on their horses’ necks to keep the witches from riding them.  Fishermen would wear small Witch Stones as a good luck charm while out to sea and also to achieve a large catch.

Witch Stones have been said to be used to treat any stomach ailments or cramps and rheumatism.

It is said if you look through the hole of your Witch Stone you will see strange beings, ghosts and creatures of the night.  The finder of a Witch Stone is the only one to supposedly have this magical power.  I found two Witch’s Stones walking the beaches of Michigan.  I do not look through the hole.  Legend or fact?  I will let you decide that.

Next time you happen to walk on a beach, start looking, a Witch Stone just might find you!

Linda McMurray, G.G., A.J.P