Tsavorite Garnet Tidbit


A perfect green gemstone to get you in the mood and help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Rich, intense Green Tsavorite Garnet is the one gemstone that rivals the Emerald in its beauty and color. This gem was found in the early 1970s in Kenya, Africa They identified the highly brilliant, green gem as a transparent green variety of Garnet species of Grossularite Garnet. Tiffany & Company in 1974 marketed the magnificent green garnet as Tsavorite.

Exotic Tsavorite is very limited as very few sources have been discovered. Two sources being Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. It has also been mined in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Tsavorite is one of the most expensive and sought after Garnets. The Tsavorite crystals that are found are generally very small in size. A faceted Tsavorite Garnet of 1 to 3 carats is very rare and very valuable. The largest faceted Tsavorite is just under 24 carats.

Did you know that green Tsavorite Garnet is the birthstone for January? It is a Garnet and no it does not have to be red.

Tsavorite Garnet is 100% Natural and is not treated in any way. This gemstone is very durable in jewelry; it rates 7 to 7 1/2 on the MOHS scale for hardness.

To clean your gem, use a soft cloth and warm water with just a drop of dish soap. Dry with a soft cloth. Never put your colored gems in an ultra sonic cleaner or harsh chemicals.

As with any gemstone you purchase, buy from a reputable person who will guarantee the authenticity of your gem and disclose to you any enhancement or treatments that have been done.

Linda McMurray, G.G., A.J.P.