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Natural Ammonite & Ammolite Pendant


I Love Ammolite gemstones! The first time I actually held one in my hand it just mesmerized me with its kaleidoscope of colors. I was awe struck by this fabulous gem and had to have one. I now share this extraordinary gem with my customers, purchasing these natural Ammolite gemstones straight from the mine in Canada. The Ammolite gems on my website have had no treatments done to them. They are a gemstone that has been professionally polished, that is it.

Ammolite was named in 1981, that year it was accepted as a gem by the C.I.B.J.O. which stands for the Confederation of Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones.

Ammolite gemstones are found exclusively in Southern Alberta Canada, one area in the world called the Bearpaw Formation. This area extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan and south to Montana. Ammolite gems are found all over the world but only in Southern Alberta did these beautiful colors form on the Ammonites shell. This very rare gemstone was created from the unique composition of mineral and petroleum that is in the soil in that area.

Ammolite gemstones are formed from the fossils of ancient sea creatures called Ammonites that lived 70 million years ago and are now extinct. We only find Ammonites in their fossilized state. Ammonites were strictly marine animals and when they died they sank to the sea bottom and became preserved in the sediment. Through millions of years the earth’s landscapes changed. The earth’s crust shifted and folded, resulting in some of that sediment that held the treasured Ammonites to be pushed to the surface of the earth. Ammolite was formed from the compressed fragments of the Ammonite creature’s shell. These pieces of shell then were weathered through aeons of tectonic upheaval, being heated then crushed, then unearthed in mosaic like patterns of Ammolite.

Ammolite was first discovered by the Native Indians, who used the Ammolite to ward off evil spirits.

The iridescent colors of Ammolite come from the interference with light that rebounds from the stacked layers of thin platelets that make up the aragonite. The preserved, layered iridescent shell pieces of Ammonite found in southern Alberta are the only viable Ammolite gem material found in the world to this date. The conditions at this site were perfect for the Ammonite to become a fossilized iridescent gemstone.

The Ammolite gem has prismatic colors of bright, fiery reds, greens, blues, gold and hot pinks. Every move or tilt of an Ammolite gives you a different show of iridescent elegance. Some Ammolite will actually show one color, like a fiery red, tilt it and a totally different color flashes across like an Emerald green. This color shift is amazing and will keep your eyes entertained with its color show. Other Ammolite gems just dance with colors of the rainbow, giving you a different display of colors at every movement of the gem. Blues, pinks and purples are the most sought after colors.

Natural AmmoliteNatural Ammolite

Ammolite also comes in an array of different patterns. Stained glass, dragon skin, ribbon, cobblestone and paint brush are some of the pattern names. Every Ammolite is unique in colored pattern, like our fingerprints, no two are the same.

Ammolite is one of only three organic gemstones that have been introduced to us in the last 50 years. The other two are Amber and Pearl. Out of these three gemstones, Ammolite is the only one to achieve precious gemstone status.

Treat your Ammolite as you would a Pearl or an Opal. Your Ammolite will give you years of enjoyment. When I am not wearing mine I have a soft fabric zippered pouch that I store mine in. I include one with every Ammolite purchase.

My customers that have purchased Ammolite Pendants say they receive so many compliments about their unique Ammolite. They just love them. They are also great conversation pieces, Ammolite gems are not something to be seen or found in the average jewelry store.

Prices for Ammolite have been steadily rising over the past 4 years. That is 15% per year and is still considered grossly undervalued because of their rarity. Ammolite is rare, valuable, beautiful, mesmerizing, and highly collectable, that says it all! I Love Ammolite and you will too. J

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