Bracelet Ring Bender

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Bracelet Ring Bender

I purchased this bracelet ring bender from Joni Kisro.  She invented this great tool in 1976.  I use my vice to secure it.  Used a few times, works great, I am scaling down my business and letting go some great tools.

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Imagine being able to consistently, and very quickly, shape a lot of cuff bracelets, hoop earrings, or wrap rings in just 2-3 minutes each.  This Joni Kisro Bracelet Bender makes that possible, time and time again.


  • adult bracelet size

  • ring size & Earring Hoop 

The steps are easy:

1.  Secure one end of your bracelet into the bending tool. 
2. Tighten it down. 
3. Use both thumbs to push the metal up an over the bar. 
4. Loosen the bracelet and remove it.
5. Turn the bracelet aroud and repeat the process.
6. To remove the bracelet, remove the thumb screws. Lift the tubes off the bracelet bender tool, and slide off. 
7. Tweak to shape to your liking. 

Warranty Information

Sold as Good used condition.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review