Mammoth Ivory Bracelet #850

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Unique Custom Handmade Genuine Mammoth Ivory Bracelet!

NATURAL, GENUINE AND SO VERY RARE!  You have to feel the richness of Ivory for yourself!   Fossil Mammoth Ivory that has been hand carved and made into a designer Bracelet.  Ivory Bracelet is 16 MM wide and has the looks of a bangle but is a comfortable stretch bracelet. Genuine Woolly Mammoth Ivory is very Valuable and Rare!

Fossil Mammoth Ivory

Mammoth ivory is anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 years old and is found in Arctic regions such as Alaska, Canada, Chukotka (or the Chuckchi Penninsula), Yakutia, Magadan and Siberia where the tusks have been preserved in the permafrost. The beautiful hues of tan, brown and blue are a result of thousands of years of mineralization. These massive tusks are unearthed many ways; modern day gold miners dredge up mineralized remains in the course of placer mining activities, spring floods wash tusks from frozen river banks, bush pilots spot the huge tusks jutting out of the tundra, and Eskimo subsistence hunters find mammoth remains incidentally in their daily task of survival.

Regardless of discovery, this ivory is mined in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations. International trade in elephant ivory has been largely shut down due to concern for the preservation of a living species. Much to the delight of fine jewelry collectors, fossil mammoth ivory has emerged as an eco friendly and increasingly valuable alternative. The skilled craftsmen carefully hand carve, polish and finish each piece to enhance the unique character of the mammoth ivory.

This stretch bracelet will fit almost everybody's wrist. 

Slip on and enjoy the feel of genuine IVORY!

Gift Box included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review