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Loose Rare Zultanite Gemstones For Sale at Affordable Prices!

ZULTANITE! Amazingly beautiful and mysterious, a 100% natural colored cabochon gemstone. Zultanite is a rare Diaspore gemstone with color-change properties. Zultanite is breath taking to say the least. Round Cabochon perfect size for a ring.

Zultanite's Color: At their best, Zultanite gems turn from kiwi-like green to raspberry purplish-pink. The same gem can show a khaki-green to cognac-pink color change in a different environment. It might shift from light, pinkish-champagne color to that of ginger ale under different light sources. Even depending of the time of the day you may witness many subtle nuances in color.

Zultanite, a rare diaspore, an exotic, kiwi green colored gemstone that shifts to a pinkish-champagne color when viewed under different light sources and different angles. Zultanite exhibits a phenomenon called pleiochroism, a color change that is best observed between actual daylight and actual candlelight or incandescent light. Depending on the time of the day, you may witness many subtle nuances in color of Zultanite. The beauty and intrigue of this regal gemstone lies in the contrast of its earthy colors under different light sources. Zultanites' leading attributes, in addition to its unique color change ability, are its color saturation, scintillation and durability. Zultanite is rated 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs' scale for hardness.

Only one mine in the remote mountain area of Anatolia, Turkey produces Zultanite. A romantic gemstone that is named in honor of 36 sultans who founded the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the late 13th century.

Zultanite is 100% natural and untreated. Zultanite is one of the few gemstones which has NO enhancements. The color shift is amazing!

Create a one of a kind necklace with this exotic gemstone set in a pendant! Imagine owning this rare and unique gemstone that is so very scarce that tons of ore need to be extracted to be able to reach these amazing crystals. It is extremely difficult to mine Zultanite in the remote location of the Anatolian Mountains, Turkey. Zultanite has had several wells dug and purchased a humongous generator to make life easier for their workers (e.g. air conditioned housing and showers with hot water)

Elegant Zultanite - so rare that few have had the pleasure to behold its exotic beauty!

Want something that nobody has or how about a great conversation piece? Be the envy of your friends with a unique piece of jewelry featuring this very rare, collectible, color change gemstone!

Species/Variety: Diaspore/Color Change
Country: Anatolia, Turkey
Color: Kiwi Green/Pink Champagne
Carat Wt.: 1.44 cts.
Shape/Cut: Round Cabochon
Size: 6.5 MM Depth 3.7 MM
Clarity: Translucent
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review