White Topaz #IT-1316

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Loose Genuine Natural White Topaz Gemstone!

Perfect for your engagement ring!  1 carat White Topaz concave faceted into an amazing new design the "Phantom Square."  A gem as Clear as Ice! This natural Topaz is very Diamond like in appearance! Only your Gemologist will know,  ;-)  Calibrated size to fit your engagement ring setting.

This White Topaz was expertly faceted by a Master faceter.  Faceted to perfection to catch all the sparkles!  White Topaz is an incredibly underrated gemstone. It has brilliance and dispersion that is unmatched by most clear gemstones and the durability to wear every day.

Weddings are pretty expensive and Diamond prices are out of site.  Pick out a beautiful engagement ring (wedding ring) and for your center stone, instead of the expensive Diamond for your center stone, have a White Topaz set in the same size and shape in its place.  Only your Gemologist will know,  ;-) 

Have the look and size of stone you want and later, you can always replace the White Topaz in your ring with a Diamond. The natural White Topaz will show the same effect, with its inner fire flashes, very much like a Diamond.

The savings to you are astronomical; cost of a 1 carat Round Diamond (VS clarity and G-H color) average cost $10,500.00! you can buy a 1 carat Round Natural White Topaz (colorless and eye clean) for under $75.00, and your White Topaz is a natural, untreated, custom faceted Gemstone!!! 

I did this for my niece’s engagement ring.  She wanted a 3 stone round Diamond white gold ring for her engagement/wedding ring.  She liked the looks of the Diamonds being ½ carat each, a total of 1 ½ carats in the ring.  She already had the ring mount picked out.  The ring mounting cost $1200.00. 

The cost of the three ½ carat diamonds, (SI2 Clarity, G-H Color) was going to cost her $4,500.00. And that was even picking out very good quality diamonds.  If she had chosen SI1 or VS and higher quality diamonds, that price would have been much higher still.

She and her fiancée were in the process of purchasing their first home and still needed to purchase some furniture.   I told her about the White Topaz idea for her ring. She and her fiancee really liked the idea so she had me send three ½ carat round White Topaz to her jeweler in Texas. The cost for the 3 natural White Topaz gems was about $50.00 each. My niece and her fiancee loved the finished ring!  My niece gets so many compliments on her engagement ring too.  One of her friends even asked her if she was marrying into a lot of money.   

In your high end Jewelry Stores, the majority of the engagement rings have a CZ (imitation cubic zirconia) set in the ring that the salesperson is showing to you.  They do this so you can pick out that expensive Diamond of your choice that will cost you thousands of dollars. I say put the money into your wedding, your honeymoon, your new home, or into your savings account.  In a few years when you are on your feet and the boss gives you that raise, invest in a Diamond. 

Diamonds are a great investment.  But they're like cars, do you think as soon as you take that Diamond out of the jewelry store and wear it for a year that the jeweler is going to give you the same money back that you originally invested in it?  I have worked for jewelry stores and Diamond Brokers too.  It is not going to happen. 

They are there to make money, the 1 carat diamond that you purchased for $10,500.00?  If you are lucky they will give you current wholesale price if that, in other words maybe a third of the price.  Now if you are willing to trade up, that’s a different story.  They play some numbers game and you end up with more money spent that you did not want to do.

You might just fall in love with your White Topaz and can’t part with it.  Perfect for your engagement ring!

This White Topaz is much prettier in person, so hard to capture the beauty and sparkles of this gemmy Topaz.  It is faceted so brilliant, that the facets kept reflecting back the camera lens image, like little mirrors. The black in the Topaz is the reflection off the camera, not in the gemstone.

This colorless Topaz was mined in Sri Lanka. Would make a centerpiece gemstone for your wedding ring, awesome for a pendant or ring. Topaz is a very durable gemstone with a hardness of 8-8.5 and is very suitable for jewelry.

Beloved by Egyptian pharaohs, topaz is the ultimate gem for promoting self-control. Wearing topaz is supposed to bring forth leadership qualities and help its wearer to take control of difficult situations.

What is Concave Faceting?

The Concave cut is three dimensional; where as the traditional flat faceted cut gemstones are two dimensional. The concave cut not only has facets in the length and width of the gemstone but also has conical shaped facets to create more depth. This third dimension further refracts the light as more ambient light, thus returning it to the eye as more brilliance in the gemstone. A two dimensional gemstone will need light to show its brilliance, a Concave cut gemstone will reflect the smallest amount of light. The gem will return to the eye, brilliance from even a small single candle that has been lit in a darkened room.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people prefer the traditional faceted design over the innovative Concave faceted gems. They like the more classic look of a traditional faceted gemstone.

Some of the disadvantages of Concave cutting are that darker gems like Ruby, tend too look less attractive when Concave cut, the gems turning out murky and less attractive. There is also a higher weight loss than in traditional faceting and Concave faceting requires more labor resulting in a much higher cost to the finished gemstone.

This gem is Clear as Ice! This natural Topaz is very Diamond like is appearance! Only your Gemologist will know,  ;-)

Species / Variety: Topaz
Country: Sri Lanka
Color: Clear/Colorless
Carat Weight: 1.33 Avg.Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Phantom Square Design
Size: 6 MM  Depth 4.4 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good - Eye Clean
Treatment: None


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