White Topaz #IT-1217

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Product Overview

Loose Genuine Natural White Topaz Gemstone!

Perfect for your engagement ring!  A gem as Clear as Ice! This natural Topaz is very Diamond like in appearance! Only your Gemologist will know,  ;-)  Calibrated size to fit your engagement ring setting. I faceted this gorgeous Topaz into a lovely Princess Cut design.  Faceted to perfection to catch all the sparkles!  White Topaz is an incredibly underrated gemstone. It has brilliance and dispersion that is unmatched by most clear gemstones and the durability to wear every day.

Topaz is a very durable gemstone with a hardness of 8-8.5 and is very suitable for jewelry. Custom faceted by Linda.

This White Topaz is much prettier in person, so hard to capture the beauty and sparkles of this gemmy Topaz.  It is faceted so brilliant, that the facets kept reflecting back the camera lens image, like little mirrors.

This colorless Topaz was mined in Brazil. Would make a centerpiece gemstone, awesome for a pendant or ring. 8.0+ on the MOHS Scale for hardness, very durable for jewelry.

Beloved by Egyptian pharaohs, topaz is the ultimate gem for promoting self-control. Wearing topaz is supposed to bring forth leadership qualities and help its wearer to take control of difficult situations.

Species / Variety: Topaz
Country: Brazil
Color: Clear/Colorless
Carat Weight: 3.32 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Princess Cut Design
Size: 8 MM  Depth 6.2 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good - Eye Clean
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review