Tiger's Eye Copper Ring #RI-303


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Product Overview

DesignedbyLin Unique Custom Handmade Jewelry Ring!

Copper Ring!  Copper wire wrapped ring that has been hand made using a Tiger’s Eye bead and 20 gauge copper wire. The genuine Tigers Eye coin shape bead is 18 MM around in diameter. Gorgeous shades of golden and earthy browns with beautiful rolling movement throughout the bead called chatoyancy. The white line in the picture across the bead is just a reflection from the lights, not in the bead.

Please Note:  Each Ring is individually created by hand, custom made so every one will be slightly different than the one in the picture. They are all Beautiful! - Linda

Will come in a ring gift box.

About Tiger’s Eye:
Tiger’s Eye is a golden, yellowish, reddish variety of quartz.  It produces a shimmering line of light.   When cut in a cabochon or a polished bead, will produce an eye effect.  The eye will move when the stone is turned side to side

The Copper Metal

Copper is a metal alloy with a rich reddish-orange color and is also an essential mineral found in plants and in our own bodies. The use of the metal Copper dates back over 10,000 years.  Copper is combined with other metals such as brass and bronze to make it stronger, by itself would be too soft, it would be too malleable. Copper is a great metal for use in jewelry because of these properties. This metal also develops a lovely green patina, which is why it is used in sculptures and statues.  Our beautiful Statue of Liberty is the largest copper statue in the world!

Copper is one of the top three recycled metals because 100% of the copper can be recycled without any loss.  This is why the copper that was discovered thousands of years ago is still being used today.

Known Healing Properties of Copper:

I am not a doctor. Please read the account below as information that I have learned and read about the benefits of wearing copper.

Copper can be absorbed through the skin and is said to be beneficial for a person that is deficient in it. Wearing jewelry like a copper bracelet is right next to your skin.  This would allow a small amount of copper to be taken in.  I have heard many people claim that wearing copper jewelry, a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings actually helped them and relieved them of the aches and pain of arthritis.

Holistic and Spiritual:

Copper has historically been associated as being a holistic body metal.  It is considered a grounding metal for the human body and spirit. Copper was used spiritually in ancient times in talismans.  Copper was also believed to have strong healing and powers of protection.

Copper Jewelry Durability:

Copper jewelry is extremely durable. Your house wiring and plumbing are more than likely copper and was used because of this metals durability and safety.  Copper jewelry will last a lifetime and much longer with common sense care.

Care of your Copper Jewelry:

Sometimes, copper jewelry or the skin can turn green. This will happen because the copper metal interacts with oils from your skin.  This is called copper chelates. A little soap and water will take the green coloring off.   Some people say this is proof that the copper is working. You can polish your copper jewelry using lemon juice (soak for up to 20 minutes in a small bowl)  and a use a soft tooth brush or a soft cloth.  Then wash off with soap and water and pat dry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review