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Unique Rare Sphene Gemstone Ring!

Rare Sphene Ring!  Sterling silver ring featuring a .57 carat rare Sphene gemstone, thats over a half carat!   Sphene is a rare, beautiful, brilliant stone, with a diamond like luster and fire that is even greater than diamond!  A Neon Yellowish Lime Green Beauty that your friends will swear is a diamond, have fun with this ring.   Fire galore!  Sphene has been custom faceted into a Round design.  Ring is a size 6.  Stamped insid ring band, .925  There is a small scratch on the top of the gem, I want to make sure that you are aware of it.  You really have to hunt to find it and it does not take away from the beauty of this very unique ring.

Sphene is a fairly rare stone and is classed as collector's stone. Sphene, means wedge shaped as it occurs normally, is a brilliant transparent yellowish-green yellowish bronze, or even green gem with a high luster and pronounced fire.

Ring Size 6    Gift box is included.

Species / Variety: Sphene
Country: Madagascar
Color: slightly yellowish Green
Carat Weight: .57 cts.
Shape / Cut: Custom Round
Size: 5 MM  Depth: 4 MM
Clarity:  Very Good
Treatment:  No Treatments. 100% Natural!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review