Orange Red Sapphire #IT-1142

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Loose Natural Orange Red Sapphire Gemstone!

Fiery Orange Red Sapphire, expertly faceted into a round design. Color is amazing! Rich orangy Red color with very bright flashes that will be an attention getter.

Sapphire is next to Diamond in hardness and is very durable in jewelry.

This beautiful Orange Red Sapphire is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Corundum/Sapphire
Country: Sri Lanka
Color: strong orangy Red
Carat Weight: 1.10 ct.
Shape / Cut: Round
Size: 5.7 MM Depth: 3.9 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good - Eye Clean
Treatment: Diffusion


(No reviews yet) Write a Review