Orange Sapphire #IT-1164

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Loose Natural Orange Sapphire Gemstone!

This breathtaking, orange Sapphire has good color and brilliance with reddish Orange flashes. Mined in Tanzania. Expertly faceted into a Round Design. Sapphire’s hardness is next to diamond making it a very durable stone.

This beautiful Orange Sapphire is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Not all Sapphires are Blue! Sapphire and Ruby is in the same family, Corundum. Any Corundum that is not a Red Ruby or a Blue Sapphire is called a Fancy Color Sapphire. Fancy Sapphires, as they are called, come in many different colors. Yellow, Orange, reddish Orange, Pink, Violet, Blue Green , Green, Greenish Blue, Peach, bi-color (showing two colors) and a color change Sapphire. There is also Colorless or clear Sapphire a beautiful Diamond alternative.

Fancy Color Sapphires are less available than Blue Sapphires. Many of the colors are scarce. Fancy Color Sapphires gives you many color choices and gives you a gemstone that is different and extraordinary.

Species / Variety: Corundum / Sapphire
Country: Tanzania
Color: reddish Orange
Carat Weight: .83 Cts
Shape / Cut: Round Design
Size: 5.3 MM Depth: 3.5 MM
Clarity: Included
Treatment: Heat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review