Mokume Gane Ring #RI-359

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Product Overview

Unique Custom Mokume Gane Handmade Ring!

Mokumé Gane, meaning wood-grain metal, is an ancient metalsmithing technique first developed by a Japanese sword smith. The process begins by kiln-fusing alternating layers of metals together, forming what is known as a billet. When removed from the kiln, the layers are forged to increase the bond. Once the billet has cooled, the pattern is carved, it is annealed (softened), and then it is rolled out to the desired thickness. The final product is made using hand fabrication techniques similar to to those used to create jewelry from a sheet of silver. 
This mokumé is composed of sterling silver, nickel silver, Copper and Ruthenium.  The ring features a rich, Blue Green Shattuckite gemstone inlay from rough originating in Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. This custom ring is 11 MM wide. It has 7.35 mm of metal, 3.65 mm of stone and is approximately 2.2 mm thick. It is wood grain patterned, domed, and has a sterling silver inner sheath.

Ring is Size 6.5 (6 1/2)

Stamped inside shank, .925, Cu, Ni, Ru

This ring is a Size  6 1/2    Ring with an inlay cannot be resized.

Comes in a gift box.

Custom Made




(No reviews yet) Write a Review