Goshenite #IT-1326

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Loose Natural Goshenite Gemstone!

Colorless Goshenite from Brazil. Goshenite is a colorless beryl and is in the same family with aquamarine and emerald. A clear beryl that has been faceted by a master faceter to perfection into a custom Concave Oval.  Radiant sparkles!

This awesome Goshenite is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

The name Goshenite originates from Goshen, Massachusetts where it was originally discovered. Goshenite could be assumed to be the purest variety of beryl, since colors of gemstones develop from the different elements nature added when they where created.

Goshenites beauty and limited availability make it a favorite among gem collectors.

What is Concave Faceting?

The Concave cut is three dimensional; where as the traditional flat faceted cut gemstones are two dimensional. The concave cut not only has facets in the length and width of the gemstone but also has conical shaped facets to create more depth. This third dimension further refracts the light as more ambient light, thus returning it to the eye as more brilliance in the gemstone. A two dimensional gemstone will need light to show its brilliance, a Concave cut gemstone will reflect the smallest amount of light. The gem will return to the eye, brilliance from even a small single candle that has been lit in a darkened room.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people prefer the traditional faceted design over the innovative Concave faceted gems. They like the more classic look of a traditional faceted gemstone.

Some of the disadvantages of Concave cutting are that darker gems like Ruby, tend too look less attractive when Concave cut, the gems turning out murky and less attractive. There is also a higher weight loss than in traditional faceting and Concave faceting requires more labor resulting in a much higher cost to the finished gemstone.

Species / Variety: Beryl / Goshenite
Country: Brazil
Color: Colorless, Clear
Carat Weight: 4.22 Cts
Shape / Cut: Concave Oval
Size: 12 X 10 MM Depth: 7 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review