Cuprite #IT-1246

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Loose RARE Natural Cuprite Gemstone!

Cuprite - One of the Rarest, Valuable and most sought after Gems in the World! The captivating metallic like luster in this Rich Cuprite is like no other gem.  I Custom faceted this Cuprite into a lovely pear design. This gem shows a metallic luster in daylight while with incandescent light shows a nice Red color.  Collector gemstone.  Custom faceted by Linda.

Most mined crystals of Cuprite are far too small to even considered to facet a gemstone. The rough from this Cuprite was discovered in Mexico.

Faceted Cuprite over 2 carats is considered an almost impossible find!   Faceted Cuprite of any size is a collector's dream gem. This spectacular gem has a metallic shine with the color of dark red Garnet under incandescent lighting. One of the most valuable of all gems, Cuprite soft nature prevents it from being a gem to be set in jewelry.

Species / Variety: Cuprite
Origin Country: Mexico
Color: Metallic luster/Dark Red
Carat Weight: 6.76 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Pear Cut
Size: 12.1 X 8.8 MM  Depth: 5.5 MM
Clarity:  Good


(No reviews yet) Write a Review