Cuprite #G-2308

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Loose RARE Natural Cuprite Gemstone!

Cuprite, Ultra Rare Gemstone from Onganja, Namibia. 4.23 carats in a very hard to find Round!  This Cuprite is AMAZING!  Cuprite - One of the Rarest, Valuable and most sought after Gems in the World!!!!  The captivating metallic like luster in this Rich Cuprite is like no other gem.  This Cuprite shows the rich metalic luster in daylight, and when you get under incandesent lighting, the Deep Red color within the gem comes alive.  This rare gemstone has been custom faceted into a lovely round design. A Rare Collector Gemstone. 

Most mined crystals of Cuprite are far too small to even considered to facet a gemstone. The rough from this Cuprite was discovered in Mexico.

Faceted Cuprite over 2 carats is considered an almost impossible find!   Faceted Cuprite of any size is a collector's dream gem. This spectacular gem has a metallic shine with the color of dark red Garnet under incandescent lighting. One of the most valuable of all gems, Cuprite soft nature prevents it from being a gem to be set in jewelry.

Species / Variety: Cuprite
Origin Country: Ongonja, Namibia
Color: Metallic luster/Deep Red
Carat Weight: 4.23 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Round
Size: 8.9 MM  Depth: 5.0 MM
Clarity:  Very Good
Treatment:  No treatments. 100% Natural!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review