Blue Topaz #G-2376

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Loose Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone!

Here is something very special!  A Cat faceted into a gemstone! 4.78 carat Blue Topaz!  Custom faceted into a design called the "Cheshire Cat"   Ron frosted some of the facets in this gem to have a cat appear in the center.  A cat inside a gem.  How different is that!   The gem is not dark, I had to darken the picture for the camera to capture the cat.  When the gemstone is in natural light you can really see the cat face.  The gem also picked up the darkness from the background used to photograph.  This gem is bright sky Blue with sky Blue flashes.  Custom faceted by Ron.

Beloved by Egyptian pharaohs, topaz is the ultimate gem for promoting self-control. Wearing topaz is supposed to bring forth leadership qualities and help its wearer to take control of difficult situations. 

This awesome Blue Topaz is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Wonderful addition to your gemstone collection if you seek the more UNIQUE gemstone.

Species / Variety: Topaz
Country Brazil
Color: sky Blue
Carat Weight: 4.78 cts.
Shape / Cut: Custom faceted "Cheshire Cat"
Size: 12.1 MM   Depth: 4 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment: Heat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review