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DesignedbyLin Unique Handmade Jewelry!

Bright Neon Colors of Red, Orange and Emerald Green in this Ammolite Ring!  I hand made this Ammolite ring just for you!  This natural Ammolite ring has a very organic feel and it is chunky and bold.  A statement piece, a WOW ring. 

I forged and soldered the sheet of .925 silver into a shape of the ring, the old fashioned way.  Then I bezel set this mesmerizing natural Ammolite cabochon , wrapped it around with fine silver for added protection.  Then hours of polishing to bring out the bright shine of the .925 Sterling Silver.  Ring shank (band) is 3.3 MM wide. Stamped .925.  Size 6.5 (6 1/2).  

Custom Made by me, Linda.  This ring is a sale price because of the natural characteristics on the surface of the Ammolite.  Just gives the gem more character.

Custom made ring is Stamped inside shank, .925

This ring is a Size 6 1/2. 

This genuine tri color Ammolite Glows with neon blue and green colors!   This Ammolite Ring is a one of a kind, no two Ammolites are ever the same colors! 

Ammolite measures:  17 X 11 MM  or   5/8 inch X 3/8 inch.

Gift Ring Box included.

A rare and vividly colored natural Ammolite Ring emanating with iridescence! This Freeform Ammolite dances with bright iridescent Red, Orange and Emerald Green colors.  Every different rotation of this gem gives you a different play of iridescent color!

This gem is a product of the Black Horse Ammolite Mine; a family owned mining operation located on the Blood Indian Reserve, in Alberta, Canada.

This gem is derived from the fossilized shell of the Ammonite. Ammonites are the fossil remains of marine creatures that became extinct millions of years ago. When they died, they sank to the sea bottom and became preserved in the sediment. Over millions of years the earth changed resulting in the sediment that contained these fossils to be pushed to the surface of the earth. Preserved ammonites were found in these pockets of earth. There compacted, compressed ammonite shell was then crushed, heated and weathered through aeons of tectonic upheaval and unearthed in mosaic-like patterns of iridescent Ammolite.

Found exclusively in southern Alberta, Canada. Ammolite is found deep in the shale formation, where over 70 million years, tectonic pressure and mineralization transformed them into the beautiful spectrochromatic material we now recognize as Ammolite. Ammolite was recognized as a gem in 1981. Like a fingerprint, no two stones are exactly alike; each gem is unique in color and pattern. Ammolites bright intense colors gives one an instant appreciation when you get a first glimpse of this gem. Deep gold, Emerald Greens, Bright Pinks, Rich Red and blues all move and shift as you look at the Ammolite. Ammolite is a mesmerizing gemstone that forms in a wide range of patterns and colors.

What is Feng Shui?

"Ammolite the Most Influential Stone of the Millenium"

Experts within the feng shui circle have recognized the significant properties of the Ammolite gemstone in their practice. This gemstone promotes the flow of “Qi” (pronounced chi) throughout the body, enhancing well-being and reducing the body’s toxicity. Ammolite’s rich colors stimulate creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. Not only does it bring balance to a person’s body, but also to a person’s surroundings. When the stone is placed in the home, it promotes a happy family, and when it is placed in the office, it promotes good business dealings. In essence, anyone who finds or possesses Ammolite is entitled to wondrous prosperity and fortune.

Ammolite is derived from the ammonite fossil. Just the right combination of heat and pressure created this geological phenomenon. It has been buried for the past 71 million years absorbing a substantial amount of both the Earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy. It radiates this energy in every color of the visible spectrum. Many feng shui experts believe that all matter is energy or qi. One form of this qi is light energy. Our brain interprets light energy as color, so these colors are specific wavelengths of energy that can be used to balance our qi.

Particularly important are the many colors of Ammolite. The multiple layers of color inside the stone are what create the sparkling radiance. By examining the stone, one will see the seeds of seven distinct colors: ruby crimson, fiery orange, amber yellow, emerald green, jade, azure and mauve. Hence, some feng shui masters have named it the “Seven Color Prosperity Stone.” Each color represents a different meaning. For example, crimson stimulates growth and energy; orange generates creativity, and increased libido; green improves wisdom, intellect and promotes entreprenerialship; yellow improves wealth; and blue promotes peace and health.

Shells have been a symbol of good luck and prosperity in the Far East for decades. They are a symbol of abundance and are believed to attract and store wealth and prosperity. They also enhance clarity and promote cooperation along with encouraging wisdom in decision making.

Only our Canadian Ammonites combine the excellent properties of the Ammolite gemstone and the good fortune of the shell together in one beautiful and very special fossil. Along with this, many feng shui masters believe that ammonites contain the absorbed knowledge of the universe. The ammonite’s spiral pattern in the center of the fossil mimics the path that the universe’s forces must follow in space. Stored in the inner whorls of the animal, plasmic energy radiates out in this centrifugal motion for the benefit of those in the vicinity. This cosmic energy will enhance health, wealth and enlightenment.

Written by:  Edward Kui Ming Li,  Feng Shui Master

Species / Variety: Ammolite
Country: Blood Indian Reserve, Alberta, Canada
Color: Iridescent Red, Orange and Emerald Green
Pattern: Stained Glass Pattern
Grade: A


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