Yellowish Green Zircon #IT-886

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Loose Genuine Natural Zircon Gemstone!

Sparkling yellowish Green Zircon is a natural gemstone with great beauty and brilliance. This exotic beauty can easily be mistaken for a far more expensive green diamond because of this gems strong dispersion. (sparkles) Expertly faceted into an oval design.

Hindu poets tell of the Kalpa Tree, the ultimate gift to the gods, a glowing tree covered in leaves of green zircon. Zircon has long played a supporting role to more well-known gemstones, often stepping in as an understudy when other gemstones were unavailable.

Many people have heard of Zircon but have never seen it. Mostly this is because of the colorless zircon that was widely used as a diamond simulate in the early 1900's. Its name still means imitation to many people and that is unfortunate, because Zircon is a beautiful, natural colored gemstone with its own fair share of charm.

Species / Variety: Zircon
Country: Tanzania
Color: yellowish Green
Carat Weight: .76 cts.
Shape / Cut: Oval Design
Size: 6.1 X 4.2 Depth 3.1 MM
Clarity: Eye Clean - Very Good
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review