Yellow Sapphire #IT-1156

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Loose Genuine Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone!

Yellow Sapphire has good color and brilliance. Rich yellow color that will capture attention when when you wear it! Sapphire’s hardness is next to diamond making it a very durable gemstone for jewelry. Expertly faceted into a Round design. Very slight abrasion on some facets, need a loupe to see, not noticeable.

Not all Sapphires are Blue! Sapphire and Ruby is in the same family, Corundum. Any Corundum that is not a Red Ruby or a Blue Sapphire is called a Fancy Color Sapphire. Fancy Sapphires, as they are called, come in many different colors. Yellow, Orange, reddish Orange, Pink, Violet, Blue Green , Green, Greenish Blue, Peach, bi-color (showing two colors) and a color change Sapphire. There is also Colorless or clear Sapphire a beautiful Diamond alternative.

Fancy Color Sapphires are less available than Blue Sapphires. Many of the colors are scarce. Fancy Color Sapphires gives you many color choices and gives you a gemstone that is different and extraordinary.

Species / Variety: Corundum / Sapphire
Country Tanzania
Color: bright golden Yellow
Carat Weight: .71 cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Round
Size: 5 MM Depth: 3.6 MM
Clarity: Good
Treatment: Heat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review