Welo Opal #IT-1564

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Loose Genuine Natural Welo Opal Gemstone!

AMAZING BRIGHT COLORS in this Faceted Welo Opal!  Fiery Red Orange, Neon Green and a hint of a Blue flash! This Rare Opal is gorgeous. Beautiful colors of the rainbow. A faceted Welo Opal that lights up with a show of beautiful bright colored color play! A gem that is always giving you a color show! A rare find, a faceted Welo Opal. A Translucent Moon glow body color with internal color play that displays differently in certain lighting conditions. An exceptional work of Nature. This gem has been custom faceted by a local master faceter and has been cut to perfection into a Oval.  For the true gemstone connoisseur!

Welo Opal (Welo is sometimes spelled Wello or Wallo) is a region of Ethiopia, Africa.  Welo Opal was discovered in 2008, very recently. The fire in this Opal is generally very bright.  These Opals display a wide range of patterns and a full spectrum of colors with the sought after Red color being very prevalent. Welo Opals put on an amazing show of rainbow patterns and the spectacular colors are very vivid!  If you look closely into your Opal you may see it show a unique feature sometimes seen in the Welo Opals. Your Opal may show the internal cellular pattern called “honeycomb.”  Welo Opals may also have a  bi-colored base; amber colored on the one side and translucent, milky white on the other side.

Opal is prized for its unique play of color, it can disperse light into flashes of rainbow color. Colors of the Northern Lights. Opal has long thought to hold magical powers and high royalties were usually seen wearing Opals.

Species / Variety: Opal/Welo
Country: Ethiopia, Africa
Color: translucent white body color with amazing play of color
Carat Weight: .99 Cts
Shape / Cut: Oval
Size: 8.9 X 6.6 MM  Depth: 4.3 MM
Clarity: Very Good - Translucent
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review