Tahitian Pearl Two Finger Ring #RI-563

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Custom Made Two Finger Natural Tahitian Pearl Ring!

This listing is for "1" custom ring. A ring that is fun and very different! Two finger Tahitian Pearl ring, to be worn on two fingers, comfortable I wear mine all the time! Features a natural Tahitian Pearl that appears to float between your fingers. Your genuine Tahitian Pearl will be 7 to 8 MM in diameter, depending on which ring you pick. You will receive the exact ring under the letter.

Each Pearl will be slightly different, unique, as every one is a little different in the iridescent colors that the Pearl shows and the the silver/black color. Cute half flowers on each side that are clear, faceted marquise diamond like faceted cz's. There is a bright shine of the .925 Sterling Silver.

These Tahitian Pearls are NATURAL, so they will may have very tiny natural characteristics on them.

Sizes: 7 (one finger) to a size 8 (second finger) because shank of rings are open (but joined on bottom) can adjust up or down with a gentle squeeze 1/2 size.

Ring shank (band) is a very comfortable 2.0 MM wide. Stamped .925.

This is a organic, natural and genuine Tahitian Black Pearls from a pearl farm that is located on the atoll of Apataki the Tuamotu Islands of Tahiti.

Stamped inside shank, .925

Materials used to make this Custom Ring:

♦ 7 - 8 MM Tahitian Pearl (genuine and natural)

♦ 6 clear, faceted Marquise Cubic Zirconia's (CZ)

♦ .925 Sterling Silver

Comes in a gift box.Tahitian pearls are found in the turquoise-colored lagoons of French Polynesia in the South Seas where the black lipped oyster (Pinctada Margaritivera) is found. This is the only oyster that produces this exquisite Pearl! A jewel of the sea and a living symbol of purity and perfection, Tahitian Pearls have long had a reputation of exceptional value and rarity.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review