Sunset Tourmaline #IT-202

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Loose Genuine Natural Sunset Tourmaline Gemstone!

Golden orange to a rich burnt orange color. A beautiful faceted gem. Portuguese round with 145 facets! Custom cut by Linda.

The name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese words 'tura mali'. In translation, this means something like 'stone with mixed colors', referring to the color spectrum of this gemstone, which outdoes that of all other precious stones.

Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colors. The reason, according to an old Egyptian legend, is that the tourmaline, on its long journey up from the center of the Earth, passed over a rainbow. In doing so, it assumed all the colors of the rainbow.

This Sunset Tourmaline is a Perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Tourmaline / Dravite (Sunset Tourmaline)
Country: Tanzania
Color: Rich Burnt Orange
Carat Weight: 1.98 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Round - Portuguese
Size: 8.1 MM
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review