Pink Tourmaline #G-2425

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Loose Genuine Natural Pink Tourmaline Gemstone!

Exotic, light Pink Tourmaline from Brazil.  Custom faceted into a Oval design called "Green O." Superb color with brighter pink flashes. This gem does have some natural inclusions, does not take away from its beauty.  Custom faceted by Ron. 

This Tourmaline is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colorful family of the tourmalines. Its color shines in the most beautiful gradation of pinks.

In the fascinating world of gemstones, the tourmaline is very special. Tourmaline is one of our most popular gemstones - and apart from that, almost every tourmaline is unique! Tourmalines are the most colorful gemstone group. They occur in all variations, green, red, blue, yellow, colorless and black. Some Tourmalines come in two or more colors at once and are called bi-colored. There is no other gemstone group whose diversity of color exceeds that of the Tourmalines.

There are tourmalines which change their color when the light changes from daylight to artificial light, and some show the light effect of a cat's eye. Tourmaline is sometimes referred to as the “electric stone,” tourmaline becomes statically charged when heated or rubbed, attracting dust, lint and small pieces of paper.

The name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese words 'tura mali'. In translation, this means something like 'stone with mixed colors', referring to the color spectrum of this gemstone, which outdoes that of all other precious stones. They often have two or more colors; tourmalines can even go from Red to green and blue to yellow.

Tourmaline possesses one of the widest color ranges, reproducing every conceivable color in the universe. Tourmaline is fairly hard and durable, making it very wearable and an ideal gem for jewelry.

No two tourmalines are exactly alike. This gemstone has an endless number of faces, and for that reason it suits all moods. No wonder that magical powers have been attributed to it since ancient times.

This Pink Tourmaline is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Tourmaline
Country: Brazil
Color: light Pink
Carat Weight: .79 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Faceted Oval Design called "Green O"
Size: 7.1X 5 MM   Depth: 3.6 MM
Clarity:  Good
Treatment: Possible Heat, Stable & common


(No reviews yet) Write a Review