Pink Sapphire #G-2269

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Loose Genuine Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone!

Beautiful light Pink Sapphire custom faceted into an Emerald Cut. This Pink Sapphire is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

From the soft embrace of pastel pink to the intensely passionate hot pink, no other color has the power to render men weak in the knees as a woman wearing pink! The luster and brilliance of Pink Sapphire speaks to a woman's desire to feel glamorous and feminine. With the rising demand for Pink diamonds, Pink Sapphires give you a sparkling alternative to wear a Pink!

Species / Variety: Corundum / Sapphire
Country: Mozambique
Color: light Pink
Carat Weight: .22 Cts
Shape / Cut: Emerald Cut
Size: 3.9 X 2.9 MM   Depth: 1.8 MM
Clarity: Very Good 
Treatment: Heat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review