Pair of Blue Zircons #G-2451

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Loose Matched Pair of Natural Blue Zircon Gemstones!

Matched pair of Blue Zircons, custom faceted into Princess Cuts!  Gems of great beauty and rarity, sparkling Blue Zircon is a natural gemstone with great brilliance. These Blue beauties can easily be mistaken for far more expensive blue diamonds because of their strong dispersion. (sparkles) Custom faceted into square Princess Cuts.  Can you imagine these in your ears?

These beautiful Blue Zircon gems would look great in a unique ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings or even a unique pair of cuff links.  They will make very beautiful and unique jewelry for both men or women!

Many people have heard of Zircon but have never seen it. Mostly this is because of colorless zircon that was widely used as a diamond simulate in the early 1900's. Its name still means imitation to many people and that is unfortunate, because Zircon is a beautiful, natural colored gemstone with its own fair share of charm.

Species / Variety: Zircons
Country: Cambodia
Color: Blue with a Teal undertone
Carat Weight: 2.04 cts.
Shape / Cut: Custom Faceted Square Princess Cuts
Size: 5 X 5 MM  Depth: 3.5 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment:  Unknown


(No reviews yet) Write a Review