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Unique Natural Ethiopian Opal Bead Necklace!

70 carats of Natural Ethiopian Opal Beads with bright neon colors and flashes of Fire!  These beads are faceted to catch the light and make the colors come alive.  Polished faceted beads graduate from 7 MM to 4 MM in size and have a light creamy body color with scattered bright neon oranges, greens, blues and fiery flashes throughout.  This Opal Necklace is Custom Made.  These natural Opal beads are strung on silk thread and finished it with a Silver lobster claw clasp.  Opal strand measures 17 inches long and can be adjusted up to 18 inches long.

It was very hard for me to capture in a picture the dancing show of color play these Opals feature.  Take your necklace out in the sun light and watch the neon colors and fiery flashes dance!  

The very last bead towards the clasp, look at picture #4, has a tiny chip, I did not see this when I strung them.  You will not notice this tiny chip because this will be worn at the back of your neckline. This will not interfere with the look or the stability of the neckace.  I took $300.00 off the price because of this.

Necklace will come in a beautiful Black Jewelry Box, suitable for gift giving.

Opal has long thought to hold magical powers and high royalties were usually seen wearing Opals.

Species / Variety: Opal/Ethiopian
Country: Africa
Color: cream body color with neon colors
Carat Weight:  Approx. 70 Cts
Shape / Cut: Faceted Beads
Clarity: Translucent
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review