Multi Colored South Sea Pearl Bracelet

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Unique Handmade Pearl Bracelet!

100% Natural Golden Color!  I hand picked these pearls at the Pearl Farm when I visited Flower Island in the Philippines. Then, they were loose South Sea Multi Color Pearls, but I had great plans for them. The finished result shown in the pictures. I strung & hand knotted this bracelet of Pearls personally with double gold colored silk and it is gorgeous!!!! Pearls are Golden Champagne, Creamy White and White.


Own a spectacular bracelet of "Multi Color Philippine South Sea Cultured Pearls."

I picked these Pearls out just for you! Exotic, genuine South Sea pearls that exhibit an exceptional rich orient, the inner glow, reflected by layers of rich nacre coating. The Philippine South Sea Pearls are the most rare and sought after.

These South Sea Pearls possess a deep thick nacre and superb glowing mirror like luster. Golden color is the most sought after! Philippine South Sea Pearls are formed inside the gold-lipped oyster, Pinctada Maxima. It is found in the exotic southern Pacific salt waters in the Philippines.

This Multi Colored Pearl bracelet is 7 3/4 inches in length including the solid 14KT Yellow Gold lobster swivel clasp! Philippine South Sea Pearls are semi baroque and circlé shaped!

Pearl Bracelet consists of 14 South Sea Pearls! An impessive 10 - 10.5 mm size! Beautiful Black Velvet Gift Box included!

Treat yourself to this bracelet, a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the rare South Sea Multi Color Golden Pearls!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review