Moonglow the Moo-n Cow Pendant


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DesignedbyLin Unique Custom Handmade Cow Jewelry Pendant!

"Moonglow" the Moo-n Cow Pendant. Moonglow the heifer almost made it!  Hang on Moonglow, you can do it! She just wants to be like the big girls. Cow lover's everywhere will fall in love with these realistically designed jewelry pieces of cows having fun jumping over the Moon.  The Cow Collection is a beautiful tribute of the amazing cows that have touched the hearts of cow lovers everywhere.  These solid sterling silver cow jewelry pieces have been artistically rendered down to the finest detail and became miniature works of art!   Each one being carefully hand finished for years of satisfaction and delight. Designed by Linda!  

Yes, I was a former dairy farmer and I designed this exclusive line of cow jewelry.  I was inspired to pencil sketch my cow jewelry designs after the sale of my beloved cows.  (Read Linda’s full article about Dairy Farmer turns to Graduate Gemologist.)  Now after all this time I decided to bring my cow designs to life.  I contracted the Peter Stone Jewelry Manufacturer to create my custom cow jewelry.  I was very impressed by their reputation for fine workmanship and attention to detail.  The high quality sterling silver they used in the production of the pieces is what my customers deserved.

Finally cow lover’s the world over will have the finest line of cow jewelry to wear!  Rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings are all available in sterling silver or in a 18KT Heavy gold plated Version.  A few select pieces are featured with brilliant diamonds.

Nice gift for the special person in your life.   

Moonglow the Moo-n Cow Pendant is hand made with solid .925 Sterling Silver.  

Pendant measures: 1 1/2 inch long X 1 1/8 inch wide.

Gift box is Included.     



(No reviews yet) Write a Review