Golden South Sea Pearl Pendant #GP-1131

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DesignedbyLin Natural Golden Pearl Pendant!

100% Natural Golden Color!  You have to see this Pearl for yourself, the color is just amazing, Picture just does not do it justice, trust me this will take your breath away. These Pearls were hand raised.  Read my article "The Magic of the Golden South Sea Pearl Farms of Asia" about this awesome commitment and love for the mother oysters that carry this rare Gold Pearl.

I hand picked this Golden Pearl out of thousands of Gold Pearls when I visited the Pearl farm in Palawan.  An exotic Golden South Sea Pearl, that I set with a solid 14KT yellow Gold pendant.  Gold Pearls are the most sought after and very rare. This is an impressive 12.2 MM size!  Treat yourself to this pendant, a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rare Golden Pearl! 

What is a Circlé Pearl?

A Circlé Pearl or circled Pearl is characterized by thickened rings of nacre on the surface of the Pearl.  Sometimes there is only a single ring, but in some instances the entire Pearl is sculptured by a series of concentric rings from one end to the other.  These Pearls are very unique masterpieces of nature.

This does not come with a chain. The bail is large enough to fit most of your chains. 

This Pearl is NATURAL GOLD COLOR!!!!   No treatments, No artificial enhancements.

This gold Circlé pearl exhibits a wonderful rich luster with shimmering eye popping iridescence that sets it apart from other pearls, I hand picked this beauty from all the Pearls that were shown to me, so you will own the best!!!! This Pearl is SUPERB!!!

This exquisite Golden Pearl Pendant will surely light up any room with grace and to tempt those around you to stare.

This is an impressive Genuine South Sea Pearl, Natural Golden color, its surface or skin purity is very fine. Tiny, tiny, surface characteristics my be present due to the nature of the Pearls and the way they are formed in the oyster. This pearl possesses a deep thick nacre and superb glowing mirror like luster. Golden color is the most sought after! This Gold Pearl was formed inside the rarest and largest Pearl oyster, the gold-lipped Pinctada Maxima, the mother of the Golden South Sea Pearl. This oyster is rarely found in nature and its Gold Pearl is rarer still. This Gold South Sea Pearl was raised in the pristine southern Pacific salt waters in Palawan, Philippines.

Gold zipper jewelry pouch Included to store your beautiful Pearl Pendant.

Pearl Size: 12.2 MM Diameter  13 MM in Length   Pendant with bail measures 13/16 inch
Shape: Circlé 
Skin Purity/Surface: Very Fine
Luster:  Excellent
Nacre: Excellent
Gold: Solid 14KT Gold (STAMPED)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review