Faceting a Gemstone DVD

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Gemstone Faceting How To DVD!

Have you ever wondered how a gemstone is cut (faceted) or what type of machine is used in gem cutting (faceting)?

Watch Ron facet (cut) a synthetic Red Beryl (Bixbite) from start to finish! Ron shows you some great faceting tips and shows you his techniques he uses with his Ultra Tec Faceting Machine. Ron did this all on his own (I knew nothing about it, he surprised me one day and said "Here this is something that I always wanted to do and share with other faceters".) I thought it was a great idea, so we are making it available to you.

This is an amateur production. Being that Ron did it all on his own, sometimes the focus is not perfect, but you can still see everything that is being done and hear him explain the faceting process. Ron did this DVD himself to show you how a piece of rough can be turned into a beautiful gemstone right before your eyes using an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine. You will be able to see the steps involved and the amazing transformation from a piece of rough to a beautiful finished gemstone.

This DVD can help you learn how to facet (cut) gemstones.

Even if you are an experienced faceter or a beginner, this DVD is sure to give you some great techniques for faceting a gemstone.

If you have ever wondered how a gemstone is faceted (cut) or whether you would like to purchase your own Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, but didn't know what was involved in faceting (cutting) a gemstone this is the DVD for you. We hope you will enjoy it.

This DVD is quite lengthy at 2 hours and 42 minutes long.

NTSC Dolby Format - USA/Canada. The PAL format is also available for other countries.

We do have a program to make payments on an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine with our "no added cost" in house layaway plan!- email us linda@bestgems.com for more info.

Here are some of the comments that we have received:

I have now watched your DVD, "Faceting a Gemstone", twice. Very good information and lots of it. I had not known about cutting to a light. Looks like a good technique to speed up the cutting process. George N.

I enjoyed you DVD very much, you gave me a lot of good pointers. Paul L.

Well worth the money, lots of good tips! Mike S.

I have been thinking about gem cutting for a while now but wasn't sure if I could do it. Watching the DVD has given me the confidence I needed to go ahead and order up an Ultra Tec faceting machine. Candy L.

I have been researching gem faceting for a few weeks and the video is very helpful. Thank you very much! Jeremy K.

My wife and I purchased and enjoyed Ron's faceting demonstration dvd a few months ago.
Guess it's time to buy a new Ultra Tec - my wife is tired of sharing hers.        David K.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review