Emerald Pendant & Chain #282

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Natural Columbian Emerald 18KT Gold Necklace!

These natural Emeralds have gorgous lush Green color! Absolutely Brilliant! Clarity is the best I have seen. Emeralds are set into a 18KT yellow gold pendant. 16 inch chain is 18KT yellow gold. 18KT gold is 75% gold!

Emeralds have long been treasured for their brilliant green beauty. Highly valued and desired, the intense green color of Emerald never ceases to dazzle you.

The name of this remarkable gemstone comes from Greek smaragdos, meaning "green stone." Long a stone of myth and mysticism, emeralds were considered to be the gem of seers and sorcerers, those who wished to look into the future and know its events. So strongly connected to the spirit world was the emerald that it was used to help exorcise evil spirits.

Species / Variety: Beryl/Emerald
Color: Vibrant Emerald Green
Origin: Colombia
Total Carat Weight: .80 Cts
Shape / Size: Oval Emerald - 5.3 X 4.7 MM 3- Round Brilliant Emeralds - 2.7 MM
Clarity: Very Good

Feel secure purchasing your gemstone jewelry from a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review