Champagne Labradorite #IT-1806

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Product Overview

Loose Natural Champagne Labradorite Gemstone!

8.85 carats!  Champagne Labradorite from Brazil.  At first glance this gem looks like a fancy colored champagne diamond!  Dark spots in the picture are not in the gemstone, just reflections of the camera lens. This gemstone is a light champagne color. Custom faceted by Ron.

A member of the Feldspar family, Labradorite is a fascinating gem that is starting to get some notice in upscale jewelry stores. Also related to sunstone and spectrolite.  This awesome Champagne Labradorite is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant! 

Species / Variety: Feldspar / Labradorite
Country: Brazil
Color: light champagne Yellow
Carat Weight: 8.85 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Trilliant
Size: 14.1 X 14.1 MM   Depth: 9.2 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment:  None, 100% Natural


(No reviews yet) Write a Review