Blue Green Yag #IT-989

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Loose Blue Green YAG Gemstone!

Vibrant Teal colored YAG. This rough was sold to me as being Paraiba in color, but it is actually a more of a rich Teal Green color. YAG or Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is a lab grown material that was first introduced as being a diamond simulate. I personally think they are the finest man-made material because of the superb brilliance in the resulting faceted gemstones. YAG is also made in different colors to simulate emerald, sapphire, diamond and other gemstones.

YAG is a very durable gemstone that has bright color saturation, good clarity and sparkles. YAG is rated 8.5 on the Mohs scale, very durable for jewelry.  

Custom cut into a beautiful square design called "PRINCESS.". Custom Faceted by Linda.

Use your imagination, this gem is just waiting to be set! This awesome Blue Green YAG is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Yag - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
Color: Vibrant bluish Green
Carat Weight: 4.85 Cts
Shape / Cut: "Princess Design"
Size: 8.7 X 8.7 MM Depth: 6.1 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good


(No reviews yet) Write a Review