Blue Ethiopian Opal #G-2206

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Loose Genuine Blue Ethiopian Opal Gemstone!

Caribbean Blue Green Opals! The color of the ocean. This Ethiopian Opal has been treated to a beautiful greenish Blue color and sometimes you may get a peak-a-boo flash of some underlying color; a blue or vivid green?  Fiery orange? This rare gem is really magnificent. A rare find, a faceted Blue Ethiopian Opal.

An exceptional work of Nature. This gem has been custom faceted by a local master faceter and has been cut to perfection into a custom Round design. For the true gemstone connoisseur!

Blue Opal is known for calming and clearing the inner body. Opal has long thought to hold magical powers and high royalties were usually seen wearing Opals.  This awesome Ethiopian Opal is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant! 

Species / Variety: Opal/Ethiopian
Country: Africa
Color: teal Blue body color 
Carat Weight: .72 Cts
Shape / Cut: Round
Size: 7 MM  Depth: 4 MM
Clarity: Very Good - Translucent
Treatment: Heat, a stable process.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review