Aquamarine #G-2453

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Very nice color in this Blue Aquamarine from Mozambique!  Custom faceted into a round. Beautiful Blue flashes! Custom faceted by Ron. This gem does have some natural inclusions inside it so it is bargain priced.   

The blue of aquamarine is a divine, eternal color, because it is the color of the sky. However, aquamarine blue is also the color of water with its life-giving force. Aquamarine really does seem to have captured the lucid blue of the oceans. No wonder, when you consider that according to the saga it originated in the treasure chest of fabulous mermaids. Since ancient times, Aquamarine has been regarded as the sailors' lucky stone. Aquamarines name is derived from the Latin 'aqua' (water) and 'mare' (sea).

A very popular gem that has a cool, refreshing style when worn. This gem is also related to the emerald. March's Birthstone!

Species / Variety: Beryl/Aquamarine
Country: Mozambique
Color: med Blue
Carat Weight: .87 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Faceted Round
Size: 6.5 MM   Depth: 4.1 MM
Clarity:  Good, Included
Treatment: No treatments, 100% Natural!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review