1.5 Inch Concho Making Kit

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Product Overview

I am downsizing my jewelry business and will no longer be needing these jewelry tools.  I purchased this tool new. 

Shipping usa only.

This set gives you the tools to create beautiful conchos. Created by Jim Brandvik.

I used this round concho making kit twice.  Use with a shop press or jeweler's press, this kit provides everything you need to make beautiful professional conchos in a fraction of the time you can make them using traditional methods!

Paste this video link in your browser window to learn more! https://youtu.be/BXwpme7jVsE

Includes the following:

1) 1.5" Concho Pancake Die (blanking die)
1) 1.5 Classic concho design concho impression die
1) Two-part forming die for 1.5" conchos

Warranty Information

Sold in used good condition


(No reviews yet) Write a Review