Who Facets Gemstones?

Best Cut Gems Answers the Question:  Who Facets Gemstones?

Quite often I am asked: besides you who facets gemstones? The answer that I give is, all types of people, from children to the elderly, from the laborer to the Doctor and attorney, male and female, they all enjoy faceting gemstones. The nicest thing about faceting gemstones is that great sense of accomplishment that you get by turning a piece of gemstone rough into a beautiful faceted gemstone, it feels like magic.

Children as young as 4 or 5 years of age often start learning to facet gemstones while sitting on a parent’s or grandparent’s lap. These young children become mesmerized watching the gem take shape. The next thing you know they want to do some hands on, and with some guidance they are able to sweep the gem across the faceting lap and "feel" the process of faceting a gemstone.

They are learning a skill and a hobby that they will be able to do for a lifetime! Just think about it! Isn’t faceting gemstones better and more educational than a video game? They will be learning a skill that will be useful to them for the rest of their life, as opposed to just playing a game, but they will be having fun doing it at the same time!

Teenagers love faceting gemstones because it is a skill and hobby that they can learn and enjoy without all of the peer pressure that comes with most hobbies these days. Faceting gemstones gives them a skill that they can brag to their friends about. That's because it gives them a skill that most other people know nothing about. Talk about a confidence builder.

What could be better than having the skill and ability to facet a beautiful gem? And again, faceting gemstones is something they will use and enjoy for a lifetime! Who knows, they might even decide to sell some of their creations and earn a little extra money of their own. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Parents quite often facet gemstones because it gives them a hobby and activity that they can enjoy at home and they can involve the whole family. Faceting gemstones is a skill that they can teach to their children and at the same time, earn a little extra income, by selling those "extra" gemstones. Many parents also like the fact that faceting gemstones lets them escape the troubles of the day for few minutes, it gives them a chance to recharge, by being creative.

Many retired people learn to facet because it is a hobby that they can do in the comfort of their own home, when they want to, without having to keep a schedule to be able to do it. They realize that they can facet gemstones at their own leisure, without having to drive anywhere, no standing in line, no schedules to keep. After having to keep a schedule their whole life, it seems good to be able to just relax and take it easy. And yet, still have hobby and a skill that gives them that great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that faceting gemstones gives them.

Faceting gemstones keeps their minds active, which helps to keep their minds sharp and alert, but it isn’t such a physically demanding hobby that it will prohibit them from enjoying it well into their 70s, 80s and even beyond. Faceting gemstones is also an activity that they can involve their grandchildren in when they visit. And it gives them the option of selling some of their creations to earn a little extra income as well.

Many people just enjoy faceting gemstones because it takes their minds off of the troubles of the day, it takes them to a place where they can just be content to relax and create a beautiful work of art, a Faceted Gemstone!

Shouldn’t you be enjoying all of the benefits of Faceting Gemstones?