Welcome to Best Cut Gems!  You have found the premier website for Quality, Custom Faceted, Loose Gemstones and Fine Custom Made Jewelry.  We feature many Rare, unique, one of a kind Gems.  You have hundreds of Loose Custom Faceted Gemstone to choose from. 

Our Custom Cut by Ron or Linda category is where you will find gems that have been custom faceted right here in the Best Cut Gems studio, by either Ron or Linda.  These gems have all been cut on an Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine to maximize the gemstone's performance, which gives you a much more valuable and beautifully unique gemstone. 

Many of these gems have been faceted into designs that you are not likely to find anywhere else.  Have you ever seen a Gem faceted with a Cancer Ribbon design?  Or a Gemstone with a letter of the Alphabet or a Cross faceted into it? Or how about a Horse, Cat or Spider design?  Talk about a gemstone that is different! That means that the gemstone that you choose will be truly unique for you.  These are gems that you will not find in your local Jewelry store.

If you are a gemstone collector we have many extremely rare and hard to find gems. Have you ever heard of Achroite, Bixbite, Cuprite, Jeremejevite, Ammolite or Zultanite? These are just a few of the rare gemstones that we offer for you to enhance your gem collection. Click on our Faceted Gemstones category and you will see all of the hard to find rare gemstones that we have available for your collection.

You can buy all of your gems with confidence here at Best Cut Gems too. Linda is a GIA Graduate Gemologist! In fact she was chosen as the GIA Graduate Gemologist of the year in 2005.  She is very talented and has very high standards!  To that end she always gives very accurate descriptions of the gems that we sell. She will always tells you of any inclusions or issues that a particular gemstone has. She wants you to be an informed buyer!

And to help make you a more informed buyer she has written many well researched and informative educational articles about Gems and Gemstones, Pearls, Gold and Jewelry. These articles are here to help you learn about gemstone inclusions and the gemstone grading system. Best of all these articles are all free for you to read at your leisure! She has so much knowledge to share with you!

Our loose Gems aren't all that you will find here at Best Cut Gems either. Linda is a very accomplished Jewelry Designer, Jeweler and Silversmith!  Linda's talent for Gems and Jewelry just never seems to end.

If you would like to facet gemstones of your own we have many free informative articles about gem faceting available for you read and we can also assist you in purchasing your very own Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine. We are official, Factory Authorized, Ultra Tec Sales Representatives. Not only can we help you purchase your very own V5 Ultra Tec faceting machine but we will also help you by recommending the right gem cutting and polishing laps and other tools, that you will need to purchase, for faceting gems of your own. It is a very rewarding hobby or career, in more ways than one.

Welcome to the Best Cut Gems Family!!!

Ron and Linda